2024-2025 ASMA Entry Form



American Scholastic Mathematics Association

PO Box 582010

Kissimmee, Florida, 34758 USA 

OR FAX to 001-718-747-0099 OR    EMAIL TO   plassr@netzero.com

               CHECK ONE:

                   ___________ HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR DIVISION: [Grades 9-12].     $100 USD enclosed

                   __________ JUNIOR/INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL DIVISION: [Grades 7-9].      $100 USD enclosed

                        ___________ BOTH DIVISIONS: $200 USD enclosed


               PLEASE TYPE OR PRINT:

              SCHOOL NAME: ______________________________________________________

              SCHOOL ADDRESS: ________________________________________________________

               CITY:___________________________   STATE:  ___________________  ZIP CODE: _____________

                 PROVINCE: ____________________________ COUNTRY: ________________________

 ADVISER/CONTACT PERSON:_____________________________________________

               HOME/SUMMER ADDRESS: ______________________________________________

              CITY:______________________________   STATE:  ___________________  ZIP CODE:_____________

                PROVINCE: ____________________________ COUNTRY: ________________________

                     EMAIL:   __________________________________@ ________________________________________

                          Suggested Contest Dates: All dates are the SECOND Thursday in each month from November to April.                   

                 Past contest Booklet

                  _________ Please also send all 2016-2023 Senior High School Division Contests $45 USD enclosed.  ** See Below.

                  _________ Please also send all 2016-2023 Jr./Inter Division Contests $45 USD enclosed.  ** See Below.

                              **All Past Contest Booklets will be emailed so there will be no extra mailing fee.

                     All contests will be emailed at no additional charge.  There will be no hard copies mailed.

                  TOTAL FEES ENCLOSED: ____________ USD or FEES WILL BE SENT BY _____________________[date]

                    NOT SURE WHAT YOUR FEE IS???  PLEASE EMAIL plassr@netzero.com

                      NOTES: Methods of payment for the entry fee.

·       Checks must have the name of a US bank printed on the check.

·       International Money Orders, MoneyGrams, Western Union, PayPal, Zelle and Wire Transfers are accepted.

·             (Inquire by email for instructions.)

·       Purchase Orders must be paid or guaranteed by November 1, 2024 or contests cannot be sent.

              * Copyright laws apply to electronic versions of the contests.

               **   If you order a Past-Contest booklet, you must also order that division’s contest for 2024-2025.